Assuring success for the entire project life cycle

Proper planning and successful completion of any project begins with design. At N2W, our engineers understand the importance of “planning the work” and then “working the plan.” Our multidisciplinary approach includes the development of a feasibility study, initial design, and other project specifications.

By utilizing modern engineering techniques and the most advanced technology, we ensure that risks are mitigated in order to increase the probability of successful completion. We partner with stakeholders as well as those tasked to execute the overall project by guiding the project from initiation through final design.

With experience spanning water, wastewater, natural resources, solid waste, energy, manufacturing, and oil & gas, our experts have planned and designed facilities around the world. N2W can help our partners develop innovative, reliable, and cost-effective solutions.

N2W will provide unparalleled support and significant added value to our partners throughout the project’s life cycle.

Providing innovative solutions to hardware and equipment needs

Optimization and identification of the best equipment solutions for large-scale capital projects is essential to long term success and maximum return on investment. N2W partners with equipment suppliers and fabrication facilities to provide the optimal performance parameters while maintaining contractual schedule and budgetary requirements.

When needed, N2W will supply and integrate key controls and monitoring systems. Our principals have long-standing expertise and relationships that allow us to lead procurement, fabrication, and integration of instrumentation and controls. N2W’s full lifecycle capabilities – system design engineering, procurement, construction management, and operations – significantly reduces project risk, allowing our partners to focus on their core businesses and competencies.

N2W’s ultimate goal for our partners is to develop customized equipment solutions that assist with failure mitigation, useful life extension, and lower overall lifecycle costs.

Assuring our partners will maintain contractual compliance

We understand every project is unique and requires significant customization of efforts and tasks. Our approach can be generally summarized in four phases. N2W has been retained in any or all of these phases including:

  1. Project planning and analysis where we analyze preliminary data for planning and coordination purposes and identify key goals and associated risks;
  2. Implementation of project construction management structure that includes identifying key roles and responsibilities as well as resource and budgetary requirements;
  3. Management and support project execution activities that begin with the notice of award (“NOA”). The longest and most involved phase of our service that includes project administration of reporting, payment, invoicing, accounting, scheduling, and meetings all conducted on a periodic basis;
  4. Project closeout represents the final phase of our services that includes change order and cost reconciliation, claims settlement, field punch list closeout and liability releases, and coordination of as-built drawings, operation and maintenance manuals, and field training.

Understanding that every engagement is unique, this phased approach should only be taken as a general guide. Factors including timing, data availability, and overall project goals greatly impact the actual level of effort.

Demonstrating economic confidence and financial viability

Critical decisions made at the planning stages of the project will impact the success of every project. 

Project investment decisions require significant resource commitments and can impact the profitability and economic stability of an entire organization. For our public partners, these investment decisions affect not only the viability of specific capital programs but may also influence the credibility of the department in charge of these projects. Critical attention should be focused on both the financial outcomes of an individual project as well as the overall impact on the organization.

These early planning stage decisions include the ability to fund capital costs as well as the creation of economic and financial models that will be used not only at the start of the project but will be converted into key metrics to monitor the project execution phase. These metrics include not only the basic project management performance indicators such as earned value, utilization and cost variance, but also the return on the initial investment, capitalization structure, and sources/uses of funding.

N2W’s team of financial experts have assisted our partners with many key project decisions related to financing and economic benefits, including historical project planning, execution, and closeout successes with maximum return on investment.