Consulting Engineering

Assuring success for the entire project life cycle

Proper planning and successful completion of any project begins with design. At N2W, our engineers understand the importance of “planning the work” and then “working the plan.” Our multidisciplinary approach includes the development of a feasibility study, initial design, and other project specifications.

By utilizing modern engineering techniques and the most advanced technology, we ensure that risks are mitigated in order to increase the probability of successful completion. We partner with stakeholders as well as those tasked to execute the overall project by guiding the project from initiation through final design.

With experience spanning water, wastewater, natural resources, solid waste, energy, manufacturing, and oil & gas, our experts have planned and designed facilities around the world. N2W can help our partners develop innovative, reliable, and cost-effective solutions.

N2W will provide unparalleled support and significant added value to our partners throughout the project’s life cycle.


  • Feasibility Studies
  • Preliminary Design and Cost Estimate
  • Detailed Design, Specification, and Cost Estimate
  • Engineering Service during Construction
  • Startup and O&M Manual