Economic Analysis & Project Financing

Demonstrating economic confidence and financial viability

Critical decisions made at the planning stages of the project will impact the success of every project.

Project investment decisions require significant resource commitments and can impact the profitability and economic stability of an entire organization. For our public partners, these investment decisions affect not only the viability of specific capital programs but may also influence the credibility of the department in charge of these projects. Critical attention should be focused on both the financial outcomes of an individual project as well as the overall impact on the organization.

These early planning stage decisions include the ability to fund capital costs as well as the creation of economic and financial models that will be used not only at the start of the project but will be converted into key metrics to monitor the project execution phase. These metrics include not only the basic project management performance indicators such as earned value, utilization and cost variance, but also the return on the initial investment, capitalization structure, and sources/uses of funding.

N2W’s team of financial experts have assisted our partners with many key project decisions related to financing and economic benefits, including historical project planning, execution, and closeout successes with maximum return on investment.


  • Economic Feasibility Studies
  • Public Private Partnership (“P3”) Support
  • Project Financing
  • Project Capitalization Advisory
  • Cost Engineering and Consulting