Innovative Solutions

N2W provides our Partners with innovative solutions and approaches to the entire project lifecycle. Our capabilities allow support from the early financial and preliminary design planning continuing through construction, project acceptance, culminating with operation and maintenance services. But for our Partners who are interested in reducing risk and optimizing returns, our total solutions approach would help them to reduce the need for multiple contracts between designers, equipment manufacturers, contractors, and operators. By aggregating requirements into one single contract, our Partners are able to mitigate risks associated with coordination, scope gap and other impacts related to dealing with multiple points of responsibilities.

Innovative Design

N2W designs are unique in the water, wastewater, and water recycling industries. What makes us different from others is our focus on builds that are modular and packaged in a method allowing for efficient fabrication, construction, and systems integration. This is vastly different from the industry-standard open tank system designs. N2W’s modular packages will help our Partners mitigate risks related to schedule, cost, design changes, and testing. Our Innovative Design provides our Partners with the following unique benefits:

  • Modular packages with minimal footprint resulting in reduced land use and designed specifically for efficient access to operation and maintenance personnel.
  • Aesthetically pleasing designs with underground or enclosed facilities to reduce or eliminate odor and noise.
  • Contractually specified and compliant water quality standards with known capital and operating costs and an on time delivery schedule.
  • Ability to expand and scale operating facilities with minimal impact to existing operations.

Effective Build

N2W is a licensed General Contractor with 20 years of experience specializing in water, wastewater, recycled water, biosolid, and biogas construction. Traditional design-bid-build projects poses significant uncertainties and liabilities from requirements of multiple contracts, schedule and cost risks; as well as performance related guarantees. N2W’s approach offers a single point of responsibility that reduces these risks by enhanced coordination, expedited project completion, improved project cost control, enhanced innovation, and adherence to project quality. We have significant expertise in the following project delivery systems:

  • Design-Build
  • Design-Build-Finance
  • Design-Build-Operate-Finance

These integrated project delivery methods results in cost-saving construction with simple and inexpensive equipment procurement within a limited time-frame. N2W’s Effective Builds will maximize Partner flexibility and encourage active involvement; resulting in reduced life-cycle costs and mitigation of Partner risks.

Reliable Operation

N2W has provided our Partners with operation and maintenance support for over 20 years. Our Total Solutions related to water, wastewater, and water recycling needs include Reliable Operation of facilities throughout the United States. N2W’s unique ability to not only design but also provide hands on systems integration to existing facilities allows us the flexibility to quickly adjust and provide the short and long-term proven solutions for our Partners.

At the core of N2W’s Reliable Operation service is our focus on regulatory compliance and energy efficiency. We achieve this through monitoring and automated controls using advanced “smart” technologies; allowing for extended equipment warranty period that results in reduced life cycle and operation and maintenance costs.

Efficient Financing

N2W’s network of investors, banks and private equity groups allows our Partners searching for project funding flexible capitalization options. Our experience with developing favorable deal structures reduces Partners’ risk and allows for Efficient Financing of capital expenditures. N2W’s deal structures may include all equity, all debt or hybrid debt and equity arrangements. We may participate in direct investments or financing depending on the project. When project conditions allow, N2W may participate as an equity investor of the project in lieu of our fees.

N2W works within our network to assist our Partners with integration and validation of financial, technical, contractual and performance related models; creating the most Efficient Financing conditions for the project.